The Dark Souls series has crossed 27 million copies sold

Dark Souls has been one of the most influential franchises in gaming history and its fans are die-hard supporters. Once you get over that initial hump of difficulty and really get stuck in the rich worlds and exhilarating gameplay, you can’t really go back. It’s just that good. I recently played the second and third instalments and they have properly cemented me as a fan of the series and it seems I’m in good company as well.

From Software tweeted that the Dark Souls series has been mighty successful in the years since its release:

Dark Souls III is also responsible for 10 million of those sales:

It’s surprising to see the franchise be so successful since it is infamous for being so brutal, but word of mouth often leads people to the games and they soon fall into its brilliantly designed trap. The series is officially over after the third game, but we still have Elden Ring to look forward to and hopefully From Software graces us with some footage soon.

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