LEGO Super Mario will have Power-Ups

Back when it was announced the Super Mario and LEGO partnership seemed like a match made in heaven. However, rather than going for a traditional Super Mario LEGO set or even the minifig route – Nintendo and LEGO decided on a ‘new way to play’ combining bulky almost DUPLO-like pieces, some quite fun-looking technology and a real-world Mario-level design. The result seemed a little odd, but as it seemed targeted at a younger age group – it probably fell right in that “good-but-just-not-made-for-you” category we all sometimes struggle to deal with. However, the high price point didn’t help in that regard either.

That being said, I have to admit I’m still rather intrigued with the whole concept and would love to get my hands on a set (if/when they ever make it to our shores). We’ve slowly been getting more and more info about how the sets will work. Back in April we got a breakdown of the launch packs and accompanying app. And just yesterday, we got a short video (which you can check out below) showing that ‘Power-Up Packs’ would be become available in August (in the US). The new packs include a Fire Mario suit, a Propeller Mario suit, a Cat Mario suit and a Builder Mario suit. Each wardrobe change includes a new ability to rack up the coins. Hopefully, these smaller packs will come in at a more affordable price and change up the play enough to keep it all interesting.
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