Serious Sam 4 is arriving in August with hordes of enemies

Croteam has finally broken radio silence about Serious Sam 4, and we know that the game is heading to PC in August this year. Get ready to strafe and kill hordes of enemies, because we are getting serious.

It looks like Serious Sam 4 isn’t changing its formula too much, which is a good thing. While some games reinvent themselves and find new ways to bring fun to their genres, sometimes you just want a bit of what you had before. Almost like your favourite cheap take-out food joint.

One thing that is changing is how many enemies you can have involved in a single fight, or on-screen at once. Serious Sam has always been about ramping things up until you are taking out hundreds or thousands of enemies in an area littered with ammo packs. Now with the Legion System, the team has been able to ramp that number up to hundreds of thousands of enemies. Just look at those hordes.

Luckily there will be some new weapons to help you clear out these numbers.

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