Mazda turns 100, here’s a car in GT Sport to celebrate. And a competition!

If you own a PlayStation 4, and like fast cars and racing, then the odds are good that you also own a copy of GT Sport, the racing simulator that just keeps giving. This time, there is a new car to celebrate the centennial of Japanese car maker, Mazda.

The one car they’re adding to the garage is the Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept, a concept racing beast that features Mazda’s dream rotary engine, something they have been pioneering and working on for a very long time.

There’s also two special events to coincide with the celebrations which is the “RX-Vision GT3 Concept Time Trial Challenge,” and the “RX-Vision GT3 Concept Livery Design Contest.”

Winners from both events will receive some cool prizes, including a miniature model of the car and a limited edition sketch. The competition is open to anyone with a copy of the game and a PSN account, and if you’re interested to give it a crack, you can get some more information in the link below.

Source: PS Blog

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