Valorant will get a public release in June

Riot Games’ hero shooter slash Counter-Strike clone Valorant has had an extended stay in the spotlight during its closed beta since getting a key required you to stay tuned to a stream and hope you’ll get a drop. The closed beta was pretty successful and people started to get hyped for Riot Games’ latest outing outside of the world of MOBAs and very soon we’ll all be able to jump in and give the game a shot.

Valorant will launch on the 2nd of June for the low price of free and all players will have their accounts reset to square one. The date is only a hop and a skip away and it’ll be the true test to see if this game will have any legs for the long term.

Riot Games has promised frequent content updates with new heroes, maps and different game modes, so the game can potentially flourish in the future once people are on board. Are you planning to jump into the fray on the 2nd?

Source: IGN

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