‘You are Iron Man’ – PSVR Demo available now

For those with a PSVR set up, I can’t imagine there have been many games that you’ve been looking forward to more than Marvel’s Iron Man VR. Unfortunately, despite some early showings of the games and generally positive previews, it’s one you’ve had to wait a while for. First due on the 28th of February, it was then pushed back to May 15 and is now only due to release on July 3rd. Happily though, if you’re itching to get into Tony Stark’s suit there’s a demo available now. Check out the trailer below…

Our very own Charlie had a quick look at the demo after it became available and told us the experience was amazing! He explained that it is essentially a training mission and a short tutorial mission. He added that it gives you a real sense of being in the Iron Man Suit showing you how flying and combat works. Charlie also described the gameplay: “Although the game requires you to stand in one place, there’s a lot of turning and moving around while swinging your arms in all directions, so make sure you have some space around you.”

Charlie’s final word about the experience: “The demo’s download comes in at just shy of 25GB, which is rather large, but it is definitely worth it if you have a PSVR headset. Trust me!”

So it really looks like we have another great VR experience and by downloading the demo you also get access to Molten Lava Armor Deco suit which will become available when the full game releases. Until that special day in July, this demo will have to do and in the meantime, you can always practise your best Tony Stark witty, sarcastic comebacks, swing your arms around in preparation and make sure you’re telling everyone you love them 3000.

Source: IGN

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