Risk of Rain 2 is coming out of Early Access in August

Risk of Rain 2 has proved to be quite popular since its release on Early Access and on consoles, but the game isn’t done just yet and a 1.0 version is still on the horizon. The team thankfully wasn’t impacted by the whole pandemic situation, but the 1.0 release was delayed since they wanted to expand the scope of the update thanks to some strong community feedback.

The game received a new roadmap that pegs the 1.0 release for August and the console versions of the game will still get a June update with the previous update’s additions and the 1.0 update will release in fall. The 1.0 release will feature a new survivor, a final stage with a final boss and a bunch of new items and equipment. The team is also fixing the game’s server browser and quickplay options to make them as streamlined as possible for players.

Risk of Rain 2 already has a strong fanbase and a great reception, but it’ll be nice to have a full release of the game that has all the features packed in. Many people wait for a game’s final 1.0 release before they jump in and thankfully that can happen soon.

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