Animal Crossing: New Horizons online play tips

Playing with friends or strangers? Here’s a few tips to protect you and your island, and maybe save your sanity. 

Only become ‘Best Friends’ in game with people you trust. Best Friends can use axes and shovels on your island, and as you can imagine, can wreak havoc if you haven’t established boundaries. This could be anything from stealing your hybrid flowers to breaking rocks or chopping down trees. 

Image provided by Kitana from Osperia

Some actions are restricted while your gates are open or while there are active visitors on your island. You can’t do things like placing or picking up furniture/decor items, donating items to Blathers, ordering items from the Nook Stop console (or talking to Tom or Isabelle at Resident Services), or terraforming. Additionally, only one person can use the changing room in Able Sisters at a time, and there are similar restrictions at Nook’s Cranny. 

When someone tries to enter or leave your island, you (and anyone else currently on the island) will need to exit anything you were doing at the time, including shopping, talking, and looking at your phone. 

It’s worth noting that putting your Switch into sleep mode while someone is on your island will kick them off immediately.

Island etiquette

When you visit someone else, you may not be sure what you should and shouldn’t do. If you can, ask your host what they’re comfortable with. Below are some general tips for being a good island guest. A good idea is to consider what you would want visitors to do on your own island!

  • Don’t trample their flowers.
  • Don’t pick or dig up their flowers without permission.
  • Don’t chop down their trees.
  • Don’t break their rocks.
  • Ask before buying the limited items at Nook’s Cranny.
  • Ask before taking fruit from their trees.
  • Do water their flowers.
  • Do take items near signs that indicate you may do so.
  • Do take little gifts or bells to leave for your host.
  • Do tip your host if you just made a fortune from selling your turnips on their island.
Image provided by Kitana from Osperia

You can fence in your airport entrance to control where visitors can go on your island. Similarly, you could fence in your special flower gardens to prevent visitors from trampling or stealing them. 

Visitors cannot pick up items you’ve put down with the ‘place’ action. However, they can take anything that you’ve put down with the ‘drop’ action. 

Ask visitors to water your flowers! There’s a cumulative bonus to their chances of breeding or cloning for multiple people watering flowers, up to a maximum of five. The sparkles will become more prominent as more people water the flowers. This is perfect if you’re trying to grow rare hybrid flowers. Just don’t dig the flowers up after visitors have watered them – this apparently resets the bonus. This also only applies to visitors from other islands, not other players you may share an island with. 

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