IGN reveals their Summer of Gaming schedule

Image Courtesy: IGN

Shortly after the confirmed cancellation of E3 this year (as well as a plethora of similar events around the world that also had to be cancelled) we knew there would be a big gap in our video game calendars. Usually, a few days a year would see a multitude of big reveals, gameplay demos and general video game news. But thanks to the the global pandemic still sweeping the world live group events with large gatherings of people just can’t happen.So it seemed like a good time for digital events to take centre stage.

Unfortunately, often these kinds of events take a lot of organising and planning and the kind of video production that not all studios could do themselves. Sure, the bigger developers and publishers would manage and we’ve already seen big players like Microsoft, Sony and others releasing ‘from-home’ type shows. However, once the E3 organisers decided against a digital even, it seems likely that soon someone else would jump in too. Chief among these is probably Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest (which we’ve already seen bits of ). However, another big entertainment name, IGN, also announced a special event focussed on video games, what they’re calling the ‘Summer of Gaming’ and yesterday we got our first real glimpse at what they’re schedule will look like. It really is worth taking a look at their site here for specific day-by-day details.

However, a quick glimpse tells us we can look forward to some Charity Streams (including the ever-popular speedrunning) and several exclusive game/gameplay reveals, demos & trailers. Additionally, they’ll also be doing some interviews with ‘Icons’ in the video game industry and even some special single-publisher focussed showcases including a live stream with CD Projekt RED. It’s all looking quite positive and I for one am looking forward to having these special online events in lieu of the live events. And let’s be honest, for most of us in SA that could never afford to attend the actual events in person, getting this stuff via a computer screen has kind of been how we’ve always done it.

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