Metro Exodus removes Denuvo on all PC versions

Poor Denuvo, their name feels like a curse word in the PC gaming space. But it’s a dishonour that is surely deserved as the DRM/Anti-cheat software has always been a hindrance in PC games. Denuvo Anti-Cheat was removed from Doom: Eternal a while ago after the fanbase went a little nuts and started review bombing the game into oblivion since the game didn’t launch with the anti-cheat and it also affected the single-player portion of the game. The latest game to ditch Denuvo is Metro Exodus, but it’s not for any nefarious reasons thankfully.

Denuvo has been removed from the Epic Games Store, Steam and Xbox Game Pass PC versions of the game in a hotfix that came along with some other fixes. The likely reason why it was removed so long after launch is that they were trying to stop as many piracy attempts as they can and now that the game is more or less retired, it’s not necessary to have the DRM in place anymore.

It’s some good news for those that haven’t played the game yet and now don’t have to struggle with the cumbersome DRM service. Denuvo sometimes feels like it’s a necessary evil when it comes to protecting a game from piracy and bad actors, but it always feels like a punishment to those that buy the games legitimately and have to deal with its frustrations.

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