New Fast and Furious game gets a trailer and it’s looking rough

During the Game Awards last year we caught wind that Slightly Mad Studios is working on an official Fast and Furious game called Fast and Furious: Crossroads and you could already guess that it’s going to involve a lot of unpractical vehicles, explosions and everyone muttering family all the time. The game was supposed to release this month but it was pushed back due to the pandemic concerns, but as consolation, we got a new gameplay trailer and … uh, it’s bad?

Take a look for yourself:

Let’s go through the issues. It looks like a bog-standard arcade racing game with some action setpieces thrown in, but the visuals look like they’re out of the PS3 era with pretty boring designs and gameplay sequences. They’re focusing on the crazy car stunts that the movies are known for but in the most predictable way possible and with a complete lack of soul. The voice acting also sounds completely phoned in and I imagine experiencing that for an entire game will be akin to torture.

If this is their best foot, I don’t even want to know what the full experience is going to look like. If you look at the comments on the video and the like to dislike ratio, I’m definitely not the only one with these opinions. It sadly looks like the game is going to go down as a mediocre cashgrab at best which is sad since the massively popular franchise surely had some money to burn to make it good.

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