PlayStation State of Play deep dives into combat and some story of The Last of Us II

Last night, PlayStation hosted the second State of Play that delves deeply into the gameplay, mechanics and story of an upcoming title, this time for The Last of Us Part II.

The video, presented by Neil Druckmann of Naughty Dog gave some details on the world they’ve created and it looks mighty impressive. According to him, it is the biggest and most ambitious world that they’ve made, to a point where travel via horseback or a boat in more flooded areas are required. The game will still feature multiple areas, similar to the first Last of Us, so it’s not one single open world.

Further details on combat, stealth, levelling and crafting are also detailed. All of it seems very familiar, but there are enough new additions and mechanics to keep things fresh. The entire 24-minute presentation ends off with about 10 minutes of previously unseen gameplay.

Overall, the game looks incredibly good. Seeing some solid gameplay does make us a lot more excited for a game we’re already looking forward to. The level of detail that Naughty Dog has put into it is unrivalled and will definitely make the PS4 scream. If you are concerned about spoilers in the video, rest assured that very little in terms of plot and story is revealed here.

The Last of Us Part II releases in only a few weeks on 19 June.

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