SA gamers band together to make a difference during quarantine, and there’s still time to help!

I think we can all agree that we’re a little over this whole lockdown thing. While it’s nice to be reminded that we live in a world full of convenience and, to some extent, luxury and that we should appreciate it… I’d prefer to go for walks to the store and not feel like Mary from across the street is going to snitch on me. We’ve all had to adjust to new routines, new lifestyles, and while it is unfavourable there are a lot of people out there who need help.

Our local gaming community saw this struggle, and decided to lend a hand to people spearheading initiatives aimed to help those in need. You’ve probably seen the hashtags and social media posts floating around on your timelines, but perhaps you were focused on other things and missed an opportunity to help out yourself? All these initiatives are still open to contribution, so if there is a cause you feel resonates with you consider extending a hand. Even if that means just spreading the word on Twitter.


Starting with the longest-running and largest initiative of the lot, #Kidney4Shazz is exactly what it sounds like. Shazz is a renowned local CS:GO player that was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 10. This has, over the years, led to numerous operations and ultimately kidney failure. This initiative aimed to not only raise funds for future operations, medical procedures like dialysis, and visits to specialists but perhaps get a willing donor of a kidney for her, as well as raise needed awareness of the transplant procedures in South Africa.

While Shazz created this movement and did an amazing job getting the ball rolling, the team at ATK decided to pick it up and help out a fellow gamer and beloved friend. They recruited as many willing local and international streamers as possible, set ridiculous donation rewards, and pushed the campaign on social media enough to get it trending on SA Twitter. And their hard work paid off! While the charity streaming only took place over one weekend, the goal of R100 000 was reached at 11:30 pm on the Sunday night.

Even though the campaign weekend has ended, the funding page is still accepting donations. Until Shazz gets the call for a new kidney this will be an ongoing battle, and even then the costs of an operation and post-op procedures are hellishly expensive. If you’d like to make a donation or spread the word to those who might be interested, here’s the funding page link.

RebelTech Staff Fundraiser

I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a single person that doesn’t know of someone that has lost their job due to Covid-19. Small business after small business have been forced to close their doors due to their services being deemed “non-essential”, and this has wreaked havoc on our friends’ lives. RebelTech, a local hardware store that most of us probably frequented, is among the long list of companies that have had to close their doors for good. Something that was a huge shock for everyone in the community, I believe.

That said, not all is lost! Since the announcement of its closure, one of our local streamers and artists, Haylstorm, has been leading the charge to raise funds for RebelTech’s employees and their families. So far, with the help of her community and fellow streamers that have stepped up to assist, they’ve managed to raise 850$.

That’s no small amount of money for one person to raise, but if you have the capacity to do so please consider donating. I’m sure any and all financial assistance will be much appreciated. The very important thing to note here is that the fundraiser ends in 3 days! So please share the message and link, maybe we can do some good!

New Hope SA

Lastly, but definitely not least, is the charity drive that Grant Hinds started this week to help out a friend of his living at the New Hope Homeless Shelter. This shelter’s monthly upkeep for the people living there currently comes out to round about R20k a month. Grant set out to raise at least half of that to help alleviate the financial strain placed on the shelter, but ended up raising 4 times that amount!

By the end of his birthday stream, during which he was hoping to raise the amount, he was able to cross the R40k mark. An astonishing amount for 12 hours of streaming. But it’s not over yet! If you feel like the work New Hope is doing to rehabilitate and help homeless people is worth supporting, please go check out and spread their donation page! But just like Haylstorm’s fundraiser, this one has a time limit and is currently sitting at 4 days to go.

It’s been so heart-warming to see our local and international gaming scene band together to help bring some light into this world. We’ve managed to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time, I truly look forward to seeing what else we can accomplish as a community.

I know it’s extremely rough out there right now, but there seems to be some light at the end of this very stressful and unpleasant tunnel. Keep strong, and remember that there is always someone an arm’s length away that’s willing to help!

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