A listing for Prey VR suddenly pops up

Bethesda has not only been dipping their toes into virtual reality but their whole leg. They’ve ported over the entirety of Skyrim and the entirety of Fallout 4 into VR and those games are still the most substantial VR experiences you can have at the moment. Doom even received a little VR spin-off, so it’s clear that Bethesda is pretty down with virtual reality. And now when a surprise listing for a PSVR version of Prey suddenly pops up, it’s pretty believable.

The listing in question appeared on retailer Shopto with a nondescript black box with the words Prey VR on it and nothing else. There was also no additional information in the listing, as you can see:

Prey‘s spooky atmosphere and immersive world is a great fit for PSVR and it’s certainly possible given the game’s smaller environments and not too taxing visuals. This is based on one now removed accidental listing, so let’s not get too ahead of ourselves for now. But when there’s smoke, there’s probably a mimic with a box of matches.

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