Players recreate their favourite real life spots in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons has been out now for what seems like years. This is of course partly due to Covid-19 and the lockdown, and partly due to fans being unable to contain their excitement for this title to launch (myself included of course). In actuality, the game’s been out now for a little over two months. 73 days to be exact. Which if converted to hours, is an estimated total of just above 1700 hours. Why am I referring to this you may ask? Well, what if I told you that there are players out there that have spent a third of that many hours playing? What they’ve created in that time is absolutely gorgeous.

Nintendo SA recently held a competition that tasked players with recreating their favourite real-life spots within the game. Each submission was showcased within the group’s discord channel and the five top liked nominees to be visited by a panel of judges this past Saturday. I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the judges. Each nominee truly brought their A-game and created unbelievably real-life resemblances on their islands. With some even stating that they spent over 500 hours creating their masterpieces. And honestly, after witnessing the incredible creativity that was shown off, I could believe it.

We had the pleasure of being hosted on a ‘Late Night Talk Show Studio’ on the first island, which I have to add, had a McDonald’s. Followed by an exploration to an exotic recreation of the ‘Drakensberg’ with a hotel that left us not wanting to leave. We then got to visit an island themed after ‘Japan’ with an incredible remake of an arcade that felt as if we really were in Shibuya. Followed by the fourth contestant’s remake of Ster-Kinekor which showcased a ‘Pixar movie’ complete with her very own Starbucks coffee shop. Which was then followed by our last visit to a player that re-created a ‘Kaiju scene’ with a giant mech battling it out with a re-creation of a city filled with tall buildings and vehicles left sprawling.

But don’t let my words create the scene for you. Check out the gallery below with all the screenshots taken from our visits to each island. And to stay up to date with future competitions, make sure you join Nintendo SA’s discord group.

Photo credit to Matthew ‘HairyKnees’ Figueira for allowing me to use some of the photo’s taken by him. And a huge thanks to Tech Girl for hosting the judges on her stream as well as the participants for allowing us to visit their islands. Jacky, Mickybusbus, Nymphury (Tilly), The Law, and the competition winner MrDragon.

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