Sony delays 4 June PS5 reveal amid US protests

Over the weekend Sony announced that they will be doing a PlayStation 5 reveal event this week on 4 June. That event has now been postponed due to the protests taking place in the United States.

The current US unrest comes in the wake of an unarmed black man named George Floyd being killed in an episode of police brutality in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There are now protests all over the country with the US government threatening and deploying military action against the people.

It is a horrible turn of events, but one that is probably necessary to address the civil injustice and racism that’s so deeply ingrained into society. And while it might be a little bit disappointing for some, the decision for Sony Interactive Entertainment and PlayStation to postpone the PlayStation 5 event is definitely the right one, as now is not the time for any form of celebration, and more important voices certainly need to be heard right now.

No further date has been announced yet.

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