Apparently the new Xbox will not be branded the SEGA Series X in Japan

Earlier this week some crazy rumours started floating around the webisphere indicating that the Xbox Series X may be rebranded as the SEGA Series X in Japan. Our fellow locals at Critical Hit covered the ‘wild rumour’ quite nicely and Darryn Bonthuys’ article makes for a good read so please go have a look. And as mad as it sounds, the truth is Microsoft has always struggled in Japan, and the SEGA brand recognition could potentially start to change that. Even SEGA may benefit finding such a strong ally to get back into the hardware business. So, yes a little cuckoo but at least marginally plausible. Well, no…

It seems the truth is, this partnership doesn’t really make sense for either party, at least according to Derek Strickland writing for His article gives us quite a detailed argument for why neither Microsoft or SEGA would be interested in joining forces at this point. It is worth read, but basically the financials just don’t add up. According to Strickland, SEGA is currently soaring with profits, has a bucketload (read multi-billion dollars-worth) of assets and just would have no interest in selling any part of their own cash cow. Strickland then goes on to highlight how hardware isn’t Microsoft’s main focus and while it’s true that the Xbox hasn’t sold particularly well in the East, they are more interested in ‘selling the ecosystem’ and ‘services’ there.

It’s a damning argument. And to be honest – we all kind of knew it was unlikely. That being said… the young kid in me couldn’t help but get excited about the possibility that another Nintendo PlayStation – SEGA Xbox creation could be a real thing.

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