Meet the factions of Wasteland 3’s Colorado

Living in post-apocalypse Colorado is a tall order. Surrounded by several different shades of insanity and everyone has a completely different idea of how to make the place better. At least, for themselves, that is.

Wasteland 3’s various factions are pretty colourful, ranging from butchers to dead president worshippers and militant thugs who pretend to uphold law and order, but only serve themselves. Sounds… pretty much like what one could expect of America in the apocalypse.

Don’t take my word for it, meet the Gippers, the Patriarch’s Marshals and The Hundred Families in this faction trailer for Wasteland 3.

There are many other factions, but we only get to catch a small glimpse of the Dorseys, Godfishers, Scar Collectors, Payosas and Refugees.Get ready to pick one of these groups to side with, at which point you probably will be pointing your guns at all the others. Life out here is tough.

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