PS4, Xbox and PC crossplay in No Man’s Sky available now!

No Man’s Sky has been on quite a run. After a disastrous launch that over-promised and sadly under-delivered, this ambitious Hello Games’ title has gone ‘above’ and “Beyond” turning heads with massive updates and robust additions; Impressing the video game world with its fantastic and rather unique comeback story. Back in April, we were then promised even more ambitious updates coming in 2020 – and they’ve continued to deliver.

In a blog post yesterday, while confirming that the game would appear on Xbox Game Pass (which had been revealed previously) they surprisingly announced that the release date as 11 June 2020. Yup, that’s TODAY! To add to this, they also confirmed a Windows 10 version of the game would be made available, opening up the game to PC gamers too. And then to top it all off – they revealed that this wonderfully sudden release would also coincide with full crossplay functionality across all platforms: PS4, Xbox and PC (a feature they had actually been working on in secret).

In a time of bad news, leaks and postponements we continue to delight in the turnaround this Hello Games hit continues to provide.

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