FIFA game crowd noises may ‘liven-up’ returning Premier League

Covid-19 has caused disruptions of a much more serious nature, but for many of us, the loss of one of our favourite pastimes (watching live sport) has also been a big miss. In the football world, many of the major leagues have either started or will soon do so. Germany was one of the front-runners to get going and if you’ve happened to watch one of the games the sounds you hear take some getting used to. The crowd-less stands, the echoey stadiums and even hearing the player’s voices or the worrying ‘whoomph’ of a foot striking a football just all feels rather odd. And here is where video games become part of the story…

With so many viewers keen on the more comforting live crowd atmosphere ‘piping in’ virtual sounds has become an option. However, where could realistic-sounding fake sounds be found? Well, according to The Verge, for the Premier League (re-starting next week) broadcaster Sky is looking to EA and the FIFA games to provide some authentic noise. It makes quite a lot of sense. FIFA games already simulate home versus away crowd sounds really well (louder shouts for home team goals and that sort of thing) and even replicate some in-stadium team-specific songs. It could work.

Interestingly, these ideas have not been universally accepted though – with some making comparisons to the now-maligned laugh-track so popular in nineties sitcoms.

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