PlayStation 5 shows off the future of gaming

Last night, Sony finally revealed what we can expect from the PlayStation 5 when the next generation rolls around later this year. While no details on the cost of the actual hardware was announced, they did bring their big guns to show us exactly what we are supposed to be excited about. And there’s a lot!

So without dawdling about too much, we’ll jump right in and breakdown what was shown. The presentation was around an hour and ended with a look at the actual hardware. If you’re interested in seeing what they brought and how it was presented, here you go (bookmarked to the actual start of it.):

Grand Theft Auto V

The show kicked off with an announcement that Grand Theft Auto V will be making the move over to PlayStation 5. It’s not exactly the biggest and most exciting news, but it is also not unexpected seeing as it is such a big selling game on the previous and current generation hardware.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

We then jumped straight into the meat and potatoes of the game reveals with the sequel to 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man announced. The game will follow Miles Morales, introduced in the original game as well as the main protagonist of Sony Animation’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse:

Gran Turismo 7

We then got an announcement for Gran Turismo 7, the PlayStation’s staple racing simulator. It was a bit unexpected, especially considering how GT Sport has become such a well supported, live service game, but man does it look good.

Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart

The PlayStation 5 will be getting a brand new Ratchet & Clank game called Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart. It will be a follow up to the fantastic remake of the Ratchet & Clank from 2016. Insomniac’s been busy.

Project Athia

A new IP from Square Enix was teased during the event. Called Project Athia it was made exclusively for the PlayStation 5. More details will be available at a later stage.


Another cool looking teaser for an indie we can expect next year. Once again, it was mostly a reveal and we don’t know much more about it.


Housemarque has been quiet in recent years, but they’re stepping it up with a completely different looking game from with a Roguelight action game called Returnal.

Sackboy A Big Adventure

No PlayStation console will be complete without Sackboy and it’s good to know that he will be making his way over to the next generation with Sackboy A Big Adventure.

Destruction AllStars

A combat racing game called Destruction AllStars was announced with all the amazing bright colours, explosions and graphics.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

A fantastic looking indie action-adventure game called Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

Goodbye Volcano High

Another interesting looking indie game, Goodbye Volcano High is a cinematic narrative game that looks like it will hit us right in the feels.

Oddworld Soulstorm

It seems Abe’s adventures isn’t quite over yet and we will be going back to the Oddworld in Oddworld Soulstorm. Can’t wait.

GhostWire: Tokyo

Taking on a deadly supernatural force after Tokyo has been overrun in GhostWire: Tokyo.

JETT: A far Shore

JETT: The Far Shore invites you on an interstellar trip to carve out a future for a people haunted by oblivion in this cinematic action-adventure.


We got a look at some of the gameplay of upcoming action RPG coming to the next generation consoles called Godfall.

Solar Ash

Solar Ash looks to be a fun and fast-paced stylised action indie game filled with some mystery and adventure.

Hitman III

After showing us a few indie games, the event gave us a bit of a surprise with an announcement of Hitman III, a new sandbox murder simulator in the popular franchise.

Astro’s Playroom

PlayStation 4’s launch came with some AR fun and introduced us to Astrobot and it seems like we will be getting something similar with the PlayStation 5 and Astro’s Playroom. Probably going to be a bit better as well.

Little Devil Inside

Another stylised indie game will see you going and a wild adventure in Little Devil Inside.

NBA 2K21

The NBA 2K games have always looked damn good and it will certainly be the case on next-gen consoles and NBA 2k21.


A funky looking game from the makers of Octodad: Dadliest Catch. We will be visiting an island full of bugs that’s apparently tasty and looks like snacks.

Demon’s Souls

The game that started it all will be getting a re-release on PlayStation 5. This has been begged for, for a very long time and it looks amazing. Demon’s Souls.


DEATHLOOP is an FPS game about assassins locked in a sort of timeloop on an island. It comes from Arkane Studios, the folks behind games like Dishonored and Prey, so we can expect some really good things from this one.

Resident Evil Village

The next chapter in the Resident Evil franchise will see the return of Ethan for a new horrifying adventure in Resident Evil Village.


An announcement trailer for an upcoming game called Pragmata from Capcom. Nothing else is known about it right now, but it looks very interesting and strange. Only coming in 2022 though.

Horizon Forbidden West

Before the show came to a close with a hardware look and reveal, we got an announcement for Horizon Forbidden West. It looks amazing and it looks amazing as Aloy goes on a new adventure in what we can assume is West.

The PlayStation is really bringing the game guns, and while we didn’t see much in terms of gameplay, we at least know what to expect come the new generation. It was a typical E3 style presentation, just without a stage and all the cringe.  The presentation was all about the games and we should expect more information on all of it in the coming months leading up to the console release.


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