Nintendo just released a free ‘skipping rope’ game to keep you fit

It’s fun when games appear seemingly out of nowhere. Of course, it is that much better when it’s a big game, but even a little surprise is usually welcome. Yesterday, Nintendo released a small free to download title called Jump Rope Challenge. In their own words:

Introducing Jump Rope Challenge, a free simple game from Nintendo! Grab a pair of Joy-Con controllers and take an active break in your day by jumping rope!

I managed to give it a go and it really is exactly as described. Using the Joy-Cons as the handles of the rope you simply try to jump in time with the basic beat following the funny bunny creature pictured above. An on-screen counter keeps your tally and as soon as you hit your goal (100 jumps per day by default) you get a cute screenshot and a log of your daily/weekly activity. Plus, there is also a two-player option.

It’s a bit of an odd release, but clearly keeping us active while at home (especially during this time of widespread lockdown) is always welcome. It is something Nintendo has always interested in (see Ring Fit Adventure for their latest major outing in this field).

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