Warner Bros. Interactive to be sold

This weekend CNBC (as spotted via IGN) broke the news that “AT&T [was] looking at divesting assets to service its almost $200 billion in debt” and one of these ‘assets’ could be Warner Bros. Interactive. According to the article, the sale could be for around $4 billion. IGN also added that included in this deal would be the sale of some major studios like Avalanche, NetherRealm, and Rocksteady which currently fall under WB.

WB, of course, owns IP that studios under their umbrella were using and while this IP would not form part of the sale directly, CNBC did explain that the sale would possibly include ‘a commercial licensing agreement’ of some sort so that AT&T could continue to get revenue down the line. As noted by both articles above, this would likely include stuff like Harry Potter and Batman in particular. Interestingly it seems some big names have already shown interest in buying WB Interactive including ‘Take-Two Interactive, EA and even Activision Blizzard’.

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