Star Wars: Squadrons has dual campaigns, PVE and power management

It might not be X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, but Star Wars Squadrons has a lot of bells and whistles that are making people pay more attention. The game will not just be about five vs five dogfights, but will also have single-player campaigns for Empire and the New Empire, and fleet engagements.

Focus has been placed on the various readouts in the cockpit, which is making people hope that this is aiming to be more on the flight-sim side of things. Throttle, laser charge, power management for shelds, weapons and engines, a radar, ammo counter and hull integrity are all visible.

There are four ship classes, letting your team find a composition that works for the mode that you are playing. There are the bread and butter Fighters, the speedy Interceptors, the hard-hitting Bombers and Support ships that restock heavy ammo and harass other ships, disabling them with ion cannons. There is also a hefty unlock system, with everything from paintwork to bobbleheads and advanced weaponry.

There will also be Fleet Battles, with players working to take down their opponents in a dogfight before pushing through to destroy two smaller capital ships, then hitting a flagship. The flagships have hardpoints that need to be destroyed before you can land the killing blow, but a lot of it has been left unexplained. Is one side defending the capital ships, or is this fight happening simultaneously?

We will probably learn a lot more about the game before it launches on October 2.

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