Nintendo might cut back on mobile games

While mobile games make a whole lot of money, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said that the company might not continue releasing applications for the mobile market. Besides disappointing revenues, the company is unhappy with the platform’s limitations and models.

“The company believes its franchises shine brightest when coupled with designed-by-Nintendo controllers and it’s never been fully comfortable with the touchscreen-only interface of a phone.”

Nintendo is also worried about its brand, meaning partner developers are asked to not force players to spent lots of money, something that feels almost hand-in-hand with most mobile game philosophy.

More than half of Nintendo’s mobile revenue comes from Fire Emblem Heroes, a gacha game that is sitting at an average revenue-per-download of $41.

By comparison, the next game is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, which accounts for 12% of all spending, this is after a 45% increase in earnings thanks to the world falling in love with Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

With the Switch doing so well, the need to be in the mobile space seems to be dwindling. The mobile arena was really only targetted after the Wii U disappointed, and several of the games didn’t find traction. Like Dr. Mario World contributing less than 1% of mobile revenue.

The full report is on Bloomberg.

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