Marvel’s Avenger confirmed as a next-gen launch title

One thing we will see a lot of in the coming weeks is confirmation of games coming to the next generation of consoles. We’re also seeing quite a few game releases in the lead up to the new hardware becoming available. One such game is the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers, which was confirmed to be a PlayStation 5 launch title.

People who buy Marvel’s Avengers on PS4 will also be getting a free upgrade to the PS5 version and the game will support cross-generation online play. According to Crystal Dynamics, the PlayStation 5 version will be an incredible step up for the game with the new hardware being able to add new graphical features and resolution unlike anything we’ve seen before. They will also be utilising the new ultra-fast SSD that’s Sony’s been going on about, praising it for greatly reducing loading times and enable real-time streaming of massive worlds at ridiculously fast speeds.

Interestingly, Marvel’s Avengers on PS5 targets 60 fps with a dynamic 4K resolution, which means that while it will maintain a high resolution, it might drop a bit at times to keep the framerate up and consistent.

Source: PS Blog

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