Valorant is getting a surrender option for when things go wrong

Valorant, just like Riot Games’ other game League of Legends, will get a surrender option soon. The patch to add a quick way out of a horrible loss will drop sometime this week in 1.02. This patch will also add the first Competitive Play option to Valorant.

The blog post revealing the surrender option doesn’t mention what happens to MMR points when the surrender feature is used. Will the team be penalised, or will it be as if the match never happened for both sides? This will probably be answered when full patch notes for 1.02 are released.

This is great, considering how long Valorant matches can feel, and being on a losing streak and seeing no way out can lead to frustration, anger and players tilting, which can result in any future matches that session turning sour or not happening as people leave, frustrated. That being said, learning how to take a big loss and bounce back is a useful skill for competitive.

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