Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 gets announced

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 was announced by Inti Creates, who is making a sequel to the retro-styled Igavania.

The game is in development for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One and will have four playable characters, each with their own gameplay options, abilities and strengths.

Curse of the Moon tried to recapture the essence of classic 2D, 8-bit games, with some modern playability upgrades. Curse of the Moon 2 will build on that, keeping to the multiple scenario structure.

The four playable characters include the swordsman Zengetsu, armed with his katana and a hatred for demons. He is joined by the exorcist Dominique, who uses a spear that allows for vertical attacks and she can heal and revive allies. Robert brings the ranged weapon options, allowing players to target weakpoints that others might battle to reach. Then, perhaps showing the type of humour to expect in the game, the fourth character is a corgi in a suit of magicked armour. Hachi has limited attack options, but the suit can bypass certain obstacles without taking any damage. I bet he is a very good boy too.

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