ID@Xbox Summer Spotlight Series shows off 30+ Indies

Games by independent developers continue to make a real impact across consoles and on PC. The Switch has become a haven for almost everything Indie, and while Nintendo is jumping into this segment more than ever before, Microsoft also continues to highlight smaller games from around the world via their ID@Xbox program. Yesterday, that team posted an article with six new videos highlighting 30+ new Indie games heading to the Xbox One soon.

As pointed out in the article by Chris Charla, Director at ID@Xbox, this time of the year would normally be the time that Independent games would get a hands-on, in-person showcase during the many trade shows and related video game expos. However, with the world situation as it is – it’s great that the team put together half a dozen videos highlighting some pretty cool and quirky independent games, Xbox owners can look forward to trying out in the new future.

For any of you interested in the non-AAA scene, the article is really worth checking out and the embedded videos are definitely worth a watch.

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