Pokémon fans Unite with the franchises new MOBA

Last week The Pokémon Company hit fans with quite a number of announcements including upcoming titles and updates to existing titles. This included a new Pokémon Snap title and Pokémon Cafe Mix which was in fact released yesterday. Keep in mind although Pokémon Cafe Mix is available on both mobile and the Nintendo Switch, South Africa only has access to the Switch version right now.

Following on from last week’s announcements, fans were promised another announcement which came in the form of a Tencent and The Pokémon Company collaboration. A Pokémon MOBA game titled Pokémon Unite. A “strategic team-based Pokémon battle game” focused on cooperative play. Pokémon Unite will possess real-time team battles, where two teams of five will battle it out and try to score points or goals across a battle arena. The team with the most points wins.

Each player’s Pokémon will start off at level 1. By defeating wild Pokémon within the arena, their Pokémon’s levels will increase. Allowing them to evolve and learn new moves. Since players will be playing side by side, strategies seem important, so players that perform ambush attacks or perhaps even use sneak attacks to their advantage will probably gain the upper hand.

One thing that concerns me, is the fact that the game will be a “Free-to-start” title…which probably means a subscription is eventually needed or the storm on my sunny day…microtransactions (note: the presentation video did mention In-App Purchases)!

Either way, check out the announcement presentation video below which also shows off a match taking place.

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