Another leak again points to a second Xbox “Lockhart” console

As we all already kind of know – there’s another version of the Xbox Series X on its way. And as reported on The Verge, a leaked Microsoft document (as posted on Twitter) seemingly confirms this – not only using the plural when referring to Project Scarlett consoles (Xbox’s broad codename for the new consoles) but also using the specific ‘Lockhart‘ moniker in several places to differentiate it from ‘Ananconda‘ (the specific name used for the already revealed Xbox Series X). As per responses in the same twitter thread, the document in question is from “PDF release notes for the GDK (GameCore Development Kit) June 2020 release”. The Verge article goes into some interesting detail and so really is worth a read.

Of course, as mentioned above this is not really surprising news. The current Xbox One already has a few different skews (the X, S and SAD (All Digital)) and we’re pretty sure the upcoming Series X will also have a smaller, less-powerful sister-console of some sort. However, it is somewhat interesting that this specific slimmed-down version has not been officially revealed. Will it be a less-powerful edition or can we expect something more notable like some sort of portability or perhaps a special Xbox Live/Gamepass subscription edition? What do you think? What are you hoping for?

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