Looks like that Commander Keen mobile game is no more

At E3 last year, in the middle of Bethesda’s show, Commander Keen showed up. But this time on mobile, with a completely new art style. Fans seemed confused and the audience wasn’t particularly enthusiastic. Since then we haven’t heard much about the game, and it seems we might not hear about it again.

The game’s web page redirects to the Bethesda homepage, and the Twitter account is locked with 0 followers or following. Videos of the announcement have been made private.

There was no announcement of a release window, and the company has yet to explain why the game has disappeared. The company has not answered requests for comment either. Maybe the hope was a quiet cancellation would go unnoticed, or there was hope to reboot it in a way that people would be a bit more… enthusiastic about the idea of a return of Commander Keen. (Thanks VG247)

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