Updated: More Crash Bandicoot 4 details – the good news and (possibly) the bad news

Update: Toys For Bob has cleared the air and the good news is that there will be no Microtransactions in Crash 4. Here is their statement just posted on Twitter:

Original Post: Since the official announcement of Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time last week we’ve slowly started to see some more info about that game appearing online. A lot of it has been great with a few concerns popping up too. First off, we happily learned that this is going to be a big game. As initially spotted in an article in Wccftech, Twitter user @BroskiBae posted a GameStop ad that seemed to indicate the game would contain 100+ levels. For some context – my favourite game in the series, Warped, had just over 30 levels.

However, soon after this pretty cool news, we also started to see rumours that the game would contain microtransactions of some sort. VG247, for example, referred readers to the Microsoft Pre-order page for the game, and sure enough just under the Pre-order button is a tag that reads: “+ Offers in-app purchases”. The Pre-order bonus of “Totally Tubular Skins” for Crash and Coco kind of gives more weight that MTX could be a thing. However, as mentioned by several people on social media, right now we just don’t know what this in-game purchases could be, and how/if they would affect the game.

During IGN’s interview with design producer Lou Studdert, we did get more info about what the Modern and Retro modes, teased in an earlier PlayStation blog, actually refer to. It seems it is mostly related to what the IGN article calls ‘gameflow’. In Retro mode, players will have a set number of lives and collecting 100 Wumpa fruits will gain you an extra life similar to the original series. In the Modern mode, a checkpoint system will be used instead. And possibly confirming our MTX concerns, Wumpa fruit will also act as some sort of ‘currency’. But again, we need more info on this before we jump to any concrete conclusions.

During that same IGN interview, we also got some more details about what the reasoning behind setting this game after Warped is and some of the gameplay and power-up abilities we can look forward to. And we even got a look at some gameplay footage of an awesome-looking Pirate-themed level; Which you can check out here. All in all, I’m still very excited about this game. The Wumpa currency does worry me a little, but until we have more info – I think we should give them the benefit of the doubt. Plus, even if there are some microtransactions as long as they are optional (and possibly only for the online modes) I love the look of what I’ve seen so far and more than happy with the idea of exploring 100+ single-player levels with Crash and Coco again.

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