Richard Garriott says EA turned down Ultima remasters

If you played RPGs many, many years ago, there is a good chance you played an Ultima game at some point. Sadly, besides for companies making spiritual successors or channeling the energy of Ultima in some way, the series itself has been silent.

A fan asked the creator of the Ultima series, Richard Garriott, about remastering the classic games. Garriott said that it wasn’t up to him.

The Ultima series of RPGs stretch back into the 80s, with some nine single-player medieval games making up the series. In 1997 Ultima Online took the series into MMORPG territory.

Garriott now has his own MMORPG called Shroud of the Avatar, which has been described as the spiritual successor of Ultima Online. The original trilogy of Ultima games is available through GOG, if you ever feel the need to see what adventures were like so many years ago. Also Ultima Online is still going strong, all these years later.

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