Dreams getting PSVR support later this month

Dreams (as you’ve probably heard before) is difficult to describe. Yes, it is a game about designing games. But, it also so much more. Not only is it like no other creation tool out there – putting amazingly powerful design tools into the hands of PS4 owners around the world – but it goes so many steps further; Encouraging and fostering creativity like nothing else out there and then providing a treasure trove of tiny Indie like experiences – allowing you to try something new every day. I’m not sure if you can tell – but I think this game is special. So much so that when I reviewed it back in March I gave it an amazing 9.5/10.

Interestingly, even in the comments section of my review BalrogZA asked about VR support. It’s something the Media Molecule team had spoken about and many were really excited of creating and trying out VR games in Dreams. And while we waited quite a long time – we finally got confirmation that PSVR support will be coming on the 22nd of July. In this PlayStation Blog post, we get the first details about the expansion called ‘Inside The Box’ as well as confirmation that we can expect new tutorials and updates to the DreamShaping and Create Modes of the game as well as an “All Aboard VR” introduction. The blog post is really worth checking out.

This is really just another wonderful feather in the cap for this marvelously unique game – and for those creatives in the community a way to bring VR-design a step closer to home.

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