Iron Man VR gets an action packed trailer ahead of launch

If you own a PSVR, then you have a lot of reasons to be excited right now. Marvel’s Iron Man VR releases tomorrow and from what we’ve seen of it, it looks pretty slick. Last night, a new and final trailer was released for the launch of the game.

Years after retiring from his role as a weapons maker, Tony Stark must now suit up to fight against Ghost and Living Laser, who have joined forces in an attempt to take him and Stark Industries down once and for all.

I’ve been playing Marvel’s Iron Man VR and will have my review impressions of it up on the site as soon as possible. All I can say is that this launch trailer is a very accurate representation of the game. If you played the demo, you pretty much know what to expect as well.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR launches tomorrow (3 July) exclusively for PlayStation VR.

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