Microsoft is also apparently looking to buy Warner Bros. Games

Microsoft has been doubling down on growing their platform exclusive library over the last couple of years with some notable acquisitions such as Double Fine, Playground Games and Ninja Theory. Now it seems that they are looking to acquire Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment from current parent company, AT&T.

There are reports that AT&T is looking to sell Warner Bros. for around $4 billion and some other major publishers such as Electronic Arts, Activision and Take-Two Interactive are also interested. Notable franchises belonging to Warner Bros. Interactive include the Arkham Series (Rocksteady Studios), the LEGO Games (Traveller’s Tales), the Middle-Earth games (Monolith) and Mortal Kombat (NetherRealm) among others.

This is all mostly speculation, but there is some validity in the news, however. Many people are interested but Microsoft has the biggest pockets, and could end up with some major franchises under its Xbox Game Studios banner should they manage to get their hands on Warner Bros. That is also if AT&T actually wishes to sell, as it is still very early days and a lot of speculation.

Source: Destructoid

Source: The Information

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