Bungie removes the reward cap on old Destiny raids before they sunset in September

If you are on a hunt for loot and Moments of Triumph from any of the raids that will be removed from Destiny 2 in September, the gates to the farm have been cast open. Until the sunset, those raids will not have a reward cap, letting players farm them to their hearts’ content.

Until September 22, five of the featured raids will have no reward limit, letting players chase after raid exotics, Armour drops from the raids have been updated to use the Season of Arrivals infusion cap, so they will be viable lootdrops for quite some time. To stop players completely trivialising certain achievements, the secret chests will still have their normal weekly limits.

Beyond Light will see some locations and raids disappear into the sunset and while they will return at some point, having an incomplete Moments of Triumph or missing a specific reward might make the wait feel way too long. Also being able to knuckle down and farm for something rather than trying once every week can net you results a whole lot quicker.

Here are the raids that are open for some farming:

Eater of Worlds
Spire of Stars
Crown of Sorrow
Scourge of the Past

Get out there and get farming.

Source: Bungie

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