Five years and 75 million players of Rocket League

It’s been five years since Rocket League launched on PC and PlayStation 4 and according to developer Psyonix, the game has seen a huge number of players going at it in the Car soccer game that took the world by storm.

It has since released on both Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and a total of 75 million players have played in over 5 billion matches. These are just some of the statistics that were shared via the game’s website to celebrate the five year anniversary of Rocket League.

The game featured cross-play between PS4 and PC when it launched and Psyonix was one of the first to advocate cross-play between all platforms, eventually getting their wish when Sony caved to mounting pressure last year.

It has been amazing to watch something like Rocket League grow over the years and it is hard to imagine a world without it at this point. It hasn’t been without some controversies though with Psyonix dipping into the whole loot box malarkey at some point. Nobody’s perfect I suppose.

Here’s hoping for more success for both Psyonix and Rocket League.

Source: Gamespot

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