Watch Dogs: Legion finally gets a release date

Watch Dogs: Legion fell under the radar a bit after it was delayed from earlier this year, but the game finally got a 29 October release date during Ubisoft Forward last night.

As we already know, Watch Dogs: Legion is set in the not too distant London, which has become a city of mass surveillance, private military and organised crime. You will have the opportunity to recruit anybody on the streets in order to build the resistance and fight back against the oppression.

The gameplay reveal shows that Watch Dogs: Legion will give you a bunch of different ways to play, whether you want to take a direct approach, be a bit more sneaky or take on the enemy with different technologies at your disposal. It, of course, brings with it a ton of British stereotypes and hopefully some British humour as well.

Watch Dogs: Legion will release on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC and Stadia on 29 October.

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