No Man’s Sky just added some creepy space derelicts and hostile aliens

No Man’s Sky just got a little bit like Aliens thanks to the free Desolation update. The update dropped yesterday, adding eerie abandoned capital ships among the stars, waiting for you to explore their lost halls.

You can breach these derelicts alone, or bring some friends along to watch your back, because you know that being alone in the dark is the worst idea when it comes to spaceships and aliens.

Get ready to find logs of the missing crew, valuable salvage and exciting tech for your capital ship too. But, to reach these treasures you will have to deal with hazardous spills, haywire security systems, blocked pathways, failed environmental control systems and of course, alien threats.

To help players deal with these new threats, the combat system has been tweaked, with a host of changes, improvements and balance passes on weapons and enemies. Get ready for some lighting improvements too, making all this exploration even more exciting. Personally? The best part is being allowed to access Freighter storage boxes straight from the inventory screen.

The full patch notes are here.

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