Mafia: Definitive Edition looks pretty good in this gameplay video

Add this to the list of games that can’t decide how to market themselves. Mafia: Definitive Edition has had substantially more effort put into it than the name would have you believe, with 2002’s game becoming this remake.

Thanks to IGN, we have 15 minutes of gameplay to watch and see how much the game has changed since 2002. Get ready for period authentic vehicles, which look a lot better than the… boxes we drove back then, thinking they were the height of graphics.

Hanger 13 discusses this being a labour of love, but doesn’t explain why it is called the definitive edition and not a remake.

The game releases on September 25 and if you played the original game way back in the day, do yourself a favour and look for gameplay of this mission, called ‘Trip to the Country’ and gasp at how kind your memory was to this game. Funny how we always remember better graphics.

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