Square Enix teases new Balan Company reveal tonight

Recently, a new page appeared on the Square Enix website. Not much information was given but we were treated to an image of a lit theatre stage and a logo of what appears to be a top hat with some blinking eyes (reminds me of Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey actually) and the words: Balan Company and the following date and time: 07.23.2020, 10 AM PT | 1 PM ET (which would be 7 pm later today for us in SA). Rather cryptic, really.

However, well-known video game news Twitter user Nibel (@Nibellion) did provide us with some more info with a series of tweets as seen below:

That ‘future project’ mentioned in the thread may be the one the date refers to on the website. Hence, it seems likely that we could be seeing some sort of reveal tonight, possibly of a brand new action game from Square Enix’s new Balan Company offshoot. So grab a fancy hat and keep your eyes peeled and aimed here.

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