Ghost of Tsushima shatters one-week sales record in Japan

Ghost of Tsushima released a week ago and judging by the tons of epic screenshots all over my timelines, we can all agree that everyone is enjoying it, a lot. So it comes as no surprise then that the game is selling very well, especially in Japan.

Japan is traditionally not very open to foreign media, with games selling well there generally being made there, but Ghost of Tsushima, a game set to a Japanese backdrop and made by Western studio Sucker Punch, managed to break that barrier, selling 221,915 copies in the first week alone. This also broke the previous record for a PlayStation game held by Death Stranding, which moved 185,909 copies in the first week. Ghost of Tsushima also managed to outsell Paper Mario: The Origami King for the Switch by a considerable about, though the install base for the Nintendo console is still much smaller.

The game managed to exceed sales expectation in Japan, with Sony saying that they may experience stock shortages of the physical edition.

Source: VideoGameChronicle

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