Exclusive Hearthstone card reveal for Scholomance Academy

Well met! Hearthstone’s next expansion, Scholomance Academy, is right around the corner, and things are looking pretty exciting. Spells are getting some love this time around with the Spellburst mechanic giving you that extra bit of power just once off. The deck design space also looks pretty exciting, with Double Major allowing two classes access to the same card.

But you didn’t come here to hear about the new mechanics, you know about them! You are here for our first-ever Hearthstone card reveal. I present to you: Secret Passage!

Secret Passage is a Rogue card that costs 1 mana. This spell opens up many interesting opportunities for several deck types. Maybe you don’t have the specific cards you need to answer a potentially lethal threat? Or your hand is cluttered with low-cost creatures in the later game? Or perhaps you just need a few points of damage for lethal? This card can even be used when you have nothing else in hand, giving you temporary (but otherwise cheap) card draw. Get five cards from your deck, and any Combo card is primed and ready to fire. It is tricky and something Rogue players are going to try and wring the best value out of.

This is what the design team said about the card: “Within the halls of Scholomance Academy are many hidden chambers and off-limits areas. The Cult of the Damned uses their own Secret Passages to convene in the dark hours of the night. Secret Passage can be used as an efficient but temporary refill for any Rogue low on cards, great for finding those last points of damage.

Considering how light-hearted the Scholomance Academy set is, the team has kept those dark roots visible with some of the cards, especially in the flavour text. Referring to the Cult of the Damned, the shadowy organisation of Archlich Kel’Thuzad is quite delicious and part of me wonders if at some point we will see a return to these characters, but with their hidden agendas made known, their traps sprung.

But that is talk for another day. Don’t forget we have a competition running for some Scholomance Academy bundles!

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