StarCraft II adds player-requested features in a 10th-anniversary update

There is no better way to make me feel old than to mention a game I enjoy playing and how long ago it released. StarCraft II started its journey 10 years ago with Wings of Liberty. TEN YEARS. Well now that I feel really old, and possibly you do as well, let’s look at what has been added to StarCraft II in a 10th-anniversary game update.

The patch is the biggest one to date, adding in extra campaign achievements, improvements to the Galaxy Map Editor and prestige talents for every co-op commander, letting you wring even more out of the game. For multiplayer fans, there is a countdown for map starts and you can pick the game server to host the lobby to find a better ping.

Custom campaigns are coming to the game, featuring Map to Map loading and formation movement and I hope this means we will see some fairly intricate map designs in future.

Anyone logging in between now and the 10th of August will get White-Ra announcer for free.

The full patch notes are here.

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