Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice getting some free content in October

Out of nowhere, FROM Software announced that last year’s action game hit, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will be getting some free content via an update in October. The update will coincide with the game’s release on Google Stadia on 29 October and will be available on all platforms.

The update will bring with it some character costumes that can be unlocked though it is completely cosmetic, as well as the ability to replay some of your favourite, rage-inducing bosses via a mode called Gauntlet of Strength. The mode will include a no death-run mode. Finally, Sekiro will receive some form of online mode where you can see other players or “Remnants” of other players and what they’ve been doing while you play. The game will remain a single-player experience, but it is a nice touch.

It isn’t the biggest of updates with new story DLC or anything like that, but it is a welcome update, especially if you’ve been thinking to dive back into the game. Besides, nobody really expected this update, so nobody’s going to complain about it.


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