Watch international cosplayers take the stage this weekend during the online World Cosplay Summit!

We get it. It’s a pandemic and people aren’t allowed around each other anymore. But that shouldn’t mean that we miss out on all the fun that was scheduled for 2020. As you might have seen, a lot of organisers have started hosting their events online to give their audiences a slice of the real experience. This year, the same can be said for this year’s World Cosplay Summit.

I always get so close to shedding a tear when I watch these.

Even though we, as a global community, already look on as a new WCS champion is crowned through a live stream, this year will be quite different. For the first time ever there will (obviously) be no competition between countries, but instead this weekend will be a celebration of the WCS’s 18-year-long past.

Starting on Saturday, the 1st of August, the team behind the World Cosplay Summit will be showcasing a staggering amount of cosplayers and pop-culture related content 24 hours a day until the Sunday. From panels with international star, Yaya Han, to a live drawing challenge from Osamu Masuyama, with many other manga and voice-acting stars making appearances, too. While no official WCS champion will be crowned, there will be multiple award-ceremonies for online cosplay competitions.

Our amazing local representatives, Baka Sakura and Yamaki, will also be making an appearance during the opening ceremony, which will be taking place 5 am local time. Be sure to keep an eye on their social pages to catch all the wonderful cosplays they’ll be debuting!

All of this will be streamed, but for convenience sake head over to their YouTube or Twitch page and give them a follow to see when it all goes down. Trust me, the NicoNico Live stream page is always a bit confusing for newcomers, and we want you to interact with as much of the community as possible!

So bring along your craft projects, your questions and maybe even your kids! Hopefully we all get to experience a little bit of that Japanese magic in the comfort of our homes this weekend. Be sure to pop me an “UwU” if you see me in chat!

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