Valve closed the loophole that allowed store country switching, so we can keep our cheaper prices

You might remember how a while back, Horizon Zero Dawn had a pretty stellar price on the local Steam store. After a while, the price adjusted upwards, and it is currently sitting at R680, which is still a pretty great price for an amazing game.

The reason for the price jump? Valve noticed how many people were using VPNs to country hop for some cheaper shopping. Country hopping is against Valve’s terms and conditions and can lead to a ban, but people do it anyway. Now Valve is making it harder to do.

A new restriction means you will need a lot more than a VPN to country hop in Steam. From now Steam will require a payment method from the country whose store you are using. Not that this will stop particularly eager bargain hunters, but it will dissuade more people due to an extra hoop to jump through.

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