Xbox Game Pass logo gets an updated look

Over the weekend Xbox Game Pass got a new look logo as can be seen in the images above. The traditional ‘Xbox’ word was removed for both the Xbox console and PC versions. Of course, this immediately had social media buzzing with what this change could possibly ‘mean’. On the extreme side of things, some even began to speculate that the removal of the word ‘Xbox’ could indicate that Game Pass would soon be available on other (possibly even rival’s platforms). Now while this was rumoured some time ago, the idea that the logo confirms this doesn’t really make sense – especially considering that the circular Xbox icon is still rather prominent.

A report by Brad Sams writing for Thurrott actually gives what we think is a much more accurate reasoning as to why the company would be ‘rebranding’ in this way. The article really is worth a read, but essentially Sams argues that this continues Microsoft’s move to distance itself from “branding explicitly tied to its gaming console”. Sams also points out that it also possibly more evidence that Xbox Live Gold is on its way out, to be replaced by an all-encompassing ‘Game Pass’ service.

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